Ride this 2 – wheeler Scooter – it is so much fun to ride this balancing board

Hover Board

The hottest item this holiday season:

It is the season of giving and it is worth taking a look at the trends in the shopping. People who were looking to gift out of the box and innovative have all mostly zeroed in on buying themselves hoverboards in all kinds of colors and sizes. If online sales of these 2 wheel scooters are anything to go by then this is the time of the year when all the balancing boards are seen flying out of the store racks literally.

Can hoverboard charger explode??

The board has to be charged just like how a phone battery is charged. You simply plug in the plug in the socket. The box which carries them instructs specifically that to avoid any untoward accidents like fire or explosion while at charge; the person must use only the charger that comes along with the board. This is also necessary since the plug in socket is different from the ones that are commercially available and therefore they cannot be changed for any reason.

However, with concerns raised regarding the board flaring up because of overcharging, the defect is it in the charger but in the lithium ion battery that the board has and the obvious danger of them going up in flames if they are overheated while charging.

Separate chargers are available as kits that you can find online. However, since there are no universal chargers, it is important that you make sure to specify the model and the brand of the board that you possess so that you do not buy an incompatible charger socket.

Have you set your eyes on that ● red hoverboard – price?

It’s almost Christmas time and you cannot seem to take your eyes off that red one. Yes, there are seasons where a particular color of the board or for that matter any gifting item is in demand and this year it must be red. Most of the online stores do not have red available with tag lines that say that they do not know for sure when their stocks will be get replenished. The early birds who did their shopping while the color was still available were able to grab them at the best price of under $250 in the US, the shipping being free of cost. Definitely, a great deal!

Is Segway Mini Pro Price low enough?

At Amazon, the best place for great deals, there is a promotional offer on Segway where there is $100 off on the purchase of this super successful item. Shipping is free and the product if booked within the stipulated week’s time will guarantee delivery much in time for Christmas. The lowest price for this runaway success is $699.

Much ado about the safety of the device:

There has been undoubtedly negative publicity about defective boards where the allegation lies that the manufacturers have cared a damn and bypassed all safety precautions while manufacturing the device and it has resulted in not only damages to the property but also human causalities and even death.

Federal rules warrant that in case of defective products, they have to be called back from the stores and even the ones that have been purchased by the consumers. The fact that the lithium ion batteries were getting over heated and going up in flames was a worrying trend with at least fifty reported cases of these boards going u in flames consecutively in a time span of one year alone.

But all that is said and done, the manufacturers are now replacing the batteries with alternative one which promise not to get over heated and sever connection from the charger as soon as they are completely charged. Even little bad publicity can wreck havoc on the sales of a winning product but fortunately, that did not happen here. And customers shout in unison, “My self balancing board is the best E.”

Live Your Off Track Dreams With The Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bikes

The first day dirt bike experience for any new biker or a kid is a great day. But before spinning and rolling them on the roads, it is important to take care of some tips that would not only enrich the riding experience on them but also ensure safety of the rider.

1. These bikes come with various accessories and the very important thing among all is the helmet, especially for the first timers.

2. The next important thing is the position the rider takes on the bike. This will ensure his safe and proper riding and will also help him have a comfortable and jerk -less ride.

3. Since these bikes are for the monstrous and craggy roads, it is very important to have knowledge about the brakes and the right time for pushing them. Hands on brakes is like hands on handle bars for these are very essential for a safe riding.

Having said all these, it also calls for another important point which says do not ride without somebody`s supervision for this might lead to problems.

Bike riding is definitely a thrilling one when you are on a hill top or a rocky mountain. But it is not for the Razor DTX Drift Trike for they are designed to serve such roads and hence are made tough and strong. This is the brand new trike model from the hands of the world famous automobile king, the Razor, and it is a complete steel bird that will take you in the air with the easiest to the sharpest curves on your way. Their look is a combination of cycle and bike and comes with a 10” thicker rear wheels, rightly made for the unusual roads. This model is best suitable for people above the age of 14 and comes in a flashy yellow color making the rider visible and viewable at any height.

A great model for the youngsters is the Razor MX350 which has been specially designed keeping in mind the fantasies of the youngsters. Speeds thrills but kills is a well noted point in this model and hence the maximum speed limit is only 14m ph. But with such bikes, the speed cannot be more than this for they are designed to serve the purposes of riding on tough and chunky roads where going faster than this is impossible.

Dirt bikes need not necessarily look like bikes but can also be in the form of buggies. The TEST OF RAZOR: dune buggy is one such type which is capable of giving a cool buggy experience but these are for teenagers and experienced riders and definitely not for kids. They come with a comfortable bucket seat and a terrain suspension that adds up to the already thrilling experience.

Coolster ATV reviews is another cool dirt bike that comes with cool and funky parts. With that said you might think that procuring replacements for the damaged parts might be a little tough which is not so for you get some real cool stuff as replacements.

Knife- A tool to know well.

Survivalist Knife

There are many knife lovers in today’s world. It’s not just a tool to chop or cut something,, but a tool to be owned, admired for its exceptional qualities, admired for its toughness, its perfection.

Knives are needed in many basic activities and there are many companies doing just that. But, other than basic activities, adventures activities, outing days, camping, travelling alone require knives more than just chopping, To help you in hard cutting work, hunting, fixing, and what next than safeguarding yourself from predators.

There are many types of knives available from many brands. They are named based on their purpose or the way they are, just like pocket knives, foldable knives, survival knives, tactical knives, kitchen knives, cutlery ones etc.

Let’s see a knife here: [BEST] Ka-bar Becker BK2

A little intro about Ka-bar: Ka-bar, actually written as KA-BAR is a popular knife company adopted by US Marine and Navy. Ka-bar is a very famous brand of knives, machetes, and other cutlery products. They serve these speciality knives to the navy and marine folks, as a weapon. It is best known for its utility and fighting knives which use 1095 Carbon steel clip point blade and a leather washer handle.

Well, let’s get into the product. The ka-bar Becker BK2 is another survival knife, mostly preferred for outing, camping etc. as a ka-bar product, the blade is made out of 1095 high carbon steel and it 65mm thick. It weights 16ounces or little less. It is a fixed blade knife, strong and sturdy.

This knife can be used to cut down woods to make fire or even attack a predator. The blade has a classic drop down tip. The handle is pretty smooth and easy to hold. It comes with a sheath and a nylon belt loop, to protect yourself and your knife of any damage. Overall, this knife is a great product to own.

They also have many Machete knives to their credit. Ka-bar is truly a pioneer in the knives industry.

We have another knife for you, Spyderco Paramilitary 2. We are giving out Spyderco Paramilitary 2 review here. Read on:

This is another survivalist knife aiding in personal defence. Majorly used in the military forces to self-guard from the enemies or to make a survival in the tropical or terrain places.

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 knife has lot of new features making it much sought after. This knife has a blade of 44 inch; 8.25inches long when opened with the characteristic leaf shape.It is made of S30V Stainless steel; strongest steels known in the industry. It has a compression lock, the pivots of the blade open very easy and smooth and close in the same way, making it easy to be kept in pockets.

This knife not being heavy at almost close to 4 ounces is sure a solid one to hold for any purpose. It is made skeletonised steel liners and a handle of G10 grips. Handle is half a inch thick and easy to hold. It also has reversible belt clip.

Overall this knife is worth your money. The best folder knife, fitting in your pocket, both fit and fine (price wise too)! Go and get yours.

Benchmade steel knives: Benchmade Knife Company is the top manufacturer of quality pocket knives. They have the best pocket knives in their caps. Their motto remains the same even after receiving many accolades to its Butterfly logo company, bringing the best knives under the roof. Their products are geared toward many niche markets, such as outdoor sporting, cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement, martial-arts, and military.

Blade steels such as 154CM, D2, S30V, CPMS90V, CPM20CV, N680 and M390 are used on many models. They are best known in producing high speed, quality blades. Their hard works are seen in the knives they produce they are just hard as them. Their butterfly logo, when at the hands of the customer tells a tale of their effort, a sure win.

3D Printing and much more

3D Printing

3D printing is getting its due share of highlight, in fact more than any other technologies, because of its known wide applications. The technology is seamless and applications are endless. Few of the applications are in architecture, medicine, robotics, aerospace, automotive industries and few others.

3D printing is nothing but giving your object a 3D view, by printing in using layers of materials. Few years ago, since the technology was new and less people knew about it, the costs were pretty high. Now, with lots of Open Source content made available, the prices are within reach.

The various types or the technologies used in this printing are:

* Stereo Lithography

* Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM):

* Selective laser Sintering (SLS

* Selective laser melting (SLM

* Electronic Beam Melting (EBM):

* Laminated Object Manufacturing

But, there is one thing common in all these technologies. That is, they all do the printing same way, by adding layer and layer of materials, to get the required 3d print.

Not everyone needs a high end model of 3d Printers. For a beginner, let’s see the Best Entry Level 3D Printers:

* MP Select Mini

* XYZ Printing da Vinci 1.0

* Maker Select

* M3D Micro

They are low on cost while giving you all the features that you are looking for.

High Quality 3D Printers:

For all the professionals or who are seriously looking for a high end model in 3D printing, there are these High Quality printers. They give you extreme high quality product. Though they use the same technologies, the material they use for printing, its ink and other factors might stand out giving you that High Quality printing. Presenting you below, a list of high quality models in 3D printers:

Makergear M2: based on the user reviews, this one stands on top. With a price less than 2000$, this is the best bet you can have.

Ultimaker2+: this is second in the line. Priced close to 2500$, this one is also a very good choice for all those professionals.

Formlabs Form2 SLA 3D Printer: this is another high quality printer.

Based on the printer’s functionality, interface and maintenance over time, the Top list of Consumer 3D PRINTERS online is generated. Read below to know them:

* Airwolf 3D Axiom

* Ultimaker2+

* Lulzbot TAZ 6

* ALO Robotics

* Makerbot Replicator

All these models, along with their prices, features and specifications and reviews are available over the sites, which would helpful for you to decide, just sitting at the comfort of your home.

XYZ Printing– Wondering what it is?

Well, XYZ Printing is a printing company which is dedicated in bringing a cost effective 3d printing to consumers. It is among the best companies, manufacturing great printers at affordable costs.

This company has great 3D printing machines and 3D Scanners to achieve its goal of making 3D printers within the reach of customers. They have 3D Printers for beginners to the professionals too. Few of their products are:

* da Vinci Mini Maker

* da Vinci mini

* 3D Scanner

For professionals, there are;

* da Vinci Pro 1.0 3-in-1

* da Vinci Pro 1.0

We hope you found this informative.

The Best Night Binoculars for Budding Astronomers



Optical devices used for long distance viewing of objects are known as binoculars or in other words, they are known as field glasses. Basically, these are instruments with two small telescopic lenses that have been designed for both the eyes to symmetrically view distant objects all at once. These field glasses have multiple uses ranging from commercial and entertainment purposes to military-grade ones that are used in defence.

Night vision scopes:

Field glasses that are designed for night viewing come in two varieties. The first type which utilizes the maximum light available to give a clear image as possible and the second type which uses light from infrared rays that process and project the targeted image. These night binocularsand night vision scopes are great for military surveillance, viewing wildlife and birds in the night, stargazing and astronomy.

Why night binoculars are better than telescopes for new entrants to astronomy?

If you love star gazing and exploring the night sky, there are several night vision scopes that can provide enhanced and clear vision of the planets, stars, and moon on a clear sky. These optical marvels may just be the right choice for new stargazing enthusiasts, perhaps even better than a telescope because of their ability to project a large view of the sky and can easily frame large subjects like star clusters or planets.

The simple and basic operation ofthe best astronomy binoculars makes them less complicated than telescopes and most helpful to sustain the enthusiasm when you are just embarking on your stargazing journey.

Night binoculars usually are lighter and easier to carry on backpacking adventures than telescopes, which are usually heavier. Plus, most telescopes come with single-eye viewing, which is also a drawback.

What to look for when you are choosing the best astronomy binoculars suitable for your requirements?

There is a wide spectrum of choice for night binoculars. The night vision scope reviews available online are of great help to beginners in sky watching. The [TOP] best astronomy binoculars designed are versatile in their features.

These optical wonders give the best night vision of the sky than the naked eye and the variations that are available in them can be mind boggling, for the novice to understand. Some general guidelines maybe helpful in choosing the best device suited for your requirements.

* Check for the magnification power. It is presumed that higher the magnification, the better. This may be true, but it should also be noted that a higher magnification narrows down the field of view, which may make it difficult for a beginner to track his path among the clusters of stars. This said, higher magnification penetrates light pollution more efficiently and helps to trace double stars and other stellar objects like moons belonging to other planets.

* Aperture or the diameter of the objective lens is important. Going in for bigger apertures, makes the space objects look brighter and clearer and offers the best night vision.

* For astronomy viewing it is better to look for night vision that have individual focussing, where you can adjust the focus on each eyepiece separately.

* Quality of the night scope is very important if it is to be used for astronomy and night viewing. There are models available in different price ranges. It is best to choose a standard product from a company that specialises in astronomy and can provide good customer support to alleviate your doubts and show you the initial nuances of operation.


When you as a beginner wish to explore the night sky, a good pair of night binoculars may work wonderfully well. Don’t be bewildered by the array of different products and their specifications. Look for key features like magnification, aperture, focus and light gathering ability and arrive at a suitable choice.

B-B-Q – Charcoal Or Infrared?


Amongst the various Barbeque grills available in the market, the Weber Gas Grill is one of the most popular and preferred models. A perennial favorite, it seems to be among the top when it comes to sales and market share.

There are many reasons for this choice.

The gas grill is of advanced technology. The performance is top of the line. As time progresses, the quality of the product, as well as the services provided by the brand only, gets better and better. Keeping up with the times means being able to adapt to the improving technology. Weber grills are able to do just that. They are versatile in nature and give you the best that you can ever ask for.

Weber makes the best charcoal grill that one has ever seen and used. According to various reviews, the reasons for it being the best grill are as follows

* The gas grill can heat consistently. It is even and provides a very good BBQ experience. Despite the absence of a side burner, the grill is still just as preferred.

* The clean up is easy. The temperatures are reliable. The grate is deep enough to keep ample food to cook.

* Weber offers a ten-year guarantee for the product.

The tru infrared grill uses the radiant heat energy to lock in at least fifty percent of the juices when compared to the traditional grills. Many products seem to prefer the tru infrared grill because of the even heating system. Unpredictable and inexplicable hot and cold spots on the grill are avoided with this product. With more heat locking in. chances are that the food gets cooked faster.

A lot of accidents are avoided when the nasty little flare-ups take place. There is a relaxed and peaceful mindset when cooking.

The flip side to the infrared grill is that they are delicate in nature. Cleaning and maintaining them might not be as easy when compared to a gas grill. The side tables of the grill cannot be folded. The hardware is covered with stainless steel. Cleaning the grill should be a pleasure, not a pain.

Most of the outdoor cooking takes place in the wooded area. A sudden flare can have serious consequences. Fires in the forest are not easily stopped. It is absolutely vital that you pick the right product of the right quality. A good planning can lead to a perfect evening. That would be just what the doctor ordered to take your mind off of the mundane days and the daily punishing routine. Outdoor cooking can help you regain lost health and good sleep when it goes perfectly. Use the right of the product to make sure that your evening goes smoothly.

There are some grills that offer three burners along with a side burner. This means that there is added grilling space. Flame can be controlled better. There is additional space to cook your side dish. It is a win-win situation for all.

Before making purchases, do check the official website for any offers that might be taking place.

Your Quick Guide To Buying A DSLR Camera


The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera has been ruling the photography scene for more than a decade now. If you are new to these types of cameras, then think of those perfect, professional-looking pictures you see of your Facebook friends or the mouth-watering pictures of your favorite food on various blog sites.

These pictures are the result of the high image quality that DSLR cameras can offer when compared to regular point and shoot cameras. In fact, when you buy one, you are sure to upgrade to higher end models as you will be fascinated with its capabilities.

Whether you are a professional or someone looking for a great hobby, DSLRs can keep you hooked for hours and produce some of the best captures of things around you. The fact that Olympic games are sponsored by Nikon DSLR Cameras. Speak for the quality of DSLRs.

Here is a quick list of things to consider before deciding to buy your first DSLR.


DSLRs are different from point and shoot devices in their ability to be used with different types of lenses. Most cameras come with a standard kit lens which will be sufficient enough for most users. However, you could also buy a multi-lens kit as a bundle or think about upgrading much later buy here.


A high-end DSLR is bound to have more features, but that does not mean you buy one. Even if you buy an entry-level model, look for one that has more features to price ratio to get more bang for your buck.

If it gets too confusing, the easy way to choose is to compare the features of the models that interest you. You can also read a Canon T5i review and comparison to Canon and Nicon DSLR 🙂. This will give you an idea of what to look for in your DSLR.

Read reviews

The quickest and the easiest way to find the best DSLR is to read some good product reviews. These are not only good for getting to know a particular product in great detail, but it will also educate you enough to know what you should look for in your DSLR. You can check the link below to get started.


Fix your budget to avoid impulsive buying before you do enough research http://www.blueslr.com/best-canon-dslr-cameras/canon-eos-70d/. You can even get some good quality DSLRs for even under $500 and some great brands too if you catch them on sale.