Ride this 2 – wheeler Scooter – it is so much fun to ride this balancing board

Hover Board

The hottest item this holiday season:

It is the season of giving and it is worth taking a look at the trends in the shopping. People who were looking to gift out of the box and innovative have all mostly zeroed in on buying themselves hoverboards in all kinds of colors and sizes. If online sales of these 2 wheel scooters are anything to go by then this is the time of the year when all the balancing boards are seen flying out of the store racks literally.

Can hoverboard charger explode??

The board has to be charged just like how a phone battery is charged. You simply plug in the plug in the socket. The box which carries them instructs specifically that to avoid any untoward accidents like fire or explosion while at charge; the person must use only the charger that comes along with the board. This is also necessary since the plug in socket is different from the ones that are commercially available and therefore they cannot be changed for any reason.

However, with concerns raised regarding the board flaring up because of overcharging, the defect is it in the charger but in the lithium ion battery that the board has and the obvious danger of them going up in flames if they are overheated while charging.

Separate chargers are available as kits that you can find online. However, since there are no universal chargers, it is important that you make sure to specify the model and the brand of the board that you possess so that you do not buy an incompatible charger socket.

Have you set your eyes on that ● red hoverboard – price?

It’s almost Christmas time and you cannot seem to take your eyes off that red one. Yes, there are seasons where a particular color of the board or for that matter any gifting item is in demand and this year it must be red. Most of the online stores do not have red available with tag lines that say that they do not know for sure when their stocks will be get replenished. The early birds who did their shopping while the color was still available were able to grab them at the best price of under $250 in the US, the shipping being free of cost. Definitely, a great deal!

Is Segway Mini Pro Price low enough?

At Amazon, the best place for great deals, there is a promotional offer on Segway where there is $100 off on the purchase of this super successful item. Shipping is free and the product if booked within the stipulated week’s time will guarantee delivery much in time for Christmas. The lowest price for this runaway success is $699.

Much ado about the safety of the device:

There has been undoubtedly negative publicity about defective boards where the allegation lies that the manufacturers have cared a damn and bypassed all safety precautions while manufacturing the device and it has resulted in not only damages to the property but also human causalities and even death.

Federal rules warrant that in case of defective products, they have to be called back from the stores and even the ones that have been purchased by the consumers. The fact that the lithium ion batteries were getting over heated and going up in flames was a worrying trend with at least fifty reported cases of these boards going u in flames consecutively in a time span of one year alone.

But all that is said and done, the manufacturers are now replacing the batteries with alternative one which promise not to get over heated and sever connection from the charger as soon as they are completely charged. Even little bad publicity can wreck havoc on the sales of a winning product but fortunately, that did not happen here. And customers shout in unison, “My self balancing board is the best E.”