Knife- A tool to know well.

Survivalist Knife

There are many knife lovers in today’s world. It’s not just a tool to chop or cut something,, but a tool to be owned, admired for its exceptional qualities, admired for its toughness, its perfection.

Knives are needed in many basic activities and there are many companies doing just that. But, other than basic activities, adventures activities, outing days, camping, travelling alone require knives more than just chopping, To help you in hard cutting work, hunting, fixing, and what next than safeguarding yourself from predators.

There are many types of knives available from many brands. They are named based on their purpose or the way they are, just like pocket knives, foldable knives, survival knives, tactical knives, kitchen knives, cutlery ones etc.

Let’s see a knife here: [BEST] Ka-bar Becker BK2

A little intro about Ka-bar: Ka-bar, actually written as KA-BAR is a popular knife company adopted by US Marine and Navy. Ka-bar is a very famous brand of knives, machetes, and other cutlery products. They serve these speciality knives to the navy and marine folks, as a weapon. It is best known for its utility and fighting knives which use 1095 Carbon steel clip point blade and a leather washer handle.

Well, let’s get into the product. The ka-bar Becker BK2 is another survival knife, mostly preferred for outing, camping etc. as a ka-bar product, the blade is made out of 1095 high carbon steel and it 65mm thick. It weights 16ounces or little less. It is a fixed blade knife, strong and sturdy.

This knife can be used to cut down woods to make fire or even attack a predator. The blade has a classic drop down tip. The handle is pretty smooth and easy to hold. It comes with a sheath and a nylon belt loop, to protect yourself and your knife of any damage. Overall, this knife is a great product to own.

They also have many Machete knives to their credit. Ka-bar is truly a pioneer in the knives industry.

We have another knife for you, Spyderco Paramilitary 2. We are giving out Spyderco Paramilitary 2 review here. Read on:

This is another survivalist knife aiding in personal defence. Majorly used in the military forces to self-guard from the enemies or to make a survival in the tropical or terrain places.

The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 knife has lot of new features making it much sought after. This knife has a blade of 44 inch; 8.25inches long when opened with the characteristic leaf shape.It is made of S30V Stainless steel; strongest steels known in the industry. It has a compression lock, the pivots of the blade open very easy and smooth and close in the same way, making it easy to be kept in pockets.

This knife not being heavy at almost close to 4 ounces is sure a solid one to hold for any purpose. It is made skeletonised steel liners and a handle of G10 grips. Handle is half a inch thick and easy to hold. It also has reversible belt clip.

Overall this knife is worth your money. The best folder knife, fitting in your pocket, both fit and fine (price wise too)! Go and get yours.

Benchmade steel knives: Benchmade Knife Company is the top manufacturer of quality pocket knives. They have the best pocket knives in their caps. Their motto remains the same even after receiving many accolades to its Butterfly logo company, bringing the best knives under the roof. Their products are geared toward many niche markets, such as outdoor sporting, cutlery, rescue, law-enforcement, martial-arts, and military.

Blade steels such as 154CM, D2, S30V, CPMS90V, CPM20CV, N680 and M390 are used on many models. They are best known in producing high speed, quality blades. Their hard works are seen in the knives they produce they are just hard as them. Their butterfly logo, when at the hands of the customer tells a tale of their effort, a sure win.