The Best Night Binoculars for Budding Astronomers



Optical devices used for long distance viewing of objects are known as binoculars or in other words, they are known as field glasses. Basically, these are instruments with two small telescopic lenses that have been designed for both the eyes to symmetrically view distant objects all at once. These field glasses have multiple uses ranging from commercial and entertainment purposes to military-grade ones that are used in defence.

Night vision scopes:

Field glasses that are designed for night viewing come in two varieties. The first type which utilizes the maximum light available to give a clear image as possible and the second type which uses light from infrared rays that process and project the targeted image. These night binocularsand night vision scopes are great for military surveillance, viewing wildlife and birds in the night, stargazing and astronomy.

Why night binoculars are better than telescopes for new entrants to astronomy?

If you love star gazing and exploring the night sky, there are several night vision scopes that can provide enhanced and clear vision of the planets, stars, and moon on a clear sky. These optical marvels may just be the right choice for new stargazing enthusiasts, perhaps even better than a telescope because of their ability to project a large view of the sky and can easily frame large subjects like star clusters or planets.

The simple and basic operation ofthe best astronomy binoculars makes them less complicated than telescopes and most helpful to sustain the enthusiasm when you are just embarking on your stargazing journey.

Night binoculars usually are lighter and easier to carry on backpacking adventures than telescopes, which are usually heavier. Plus, most telescopes come with single-eye viewing, which is also a drawback.

What to look for when you are choosing the best astronomy binoculars suitable for your requirements?

There is a wide spectrum of choice for night binoculars. The night vision scope reviews available online are of great help to beginners in sky watching. The [TOP] best astronomy binoculars designed are versatile in their features.

These optical wonders give the best night vision of the sky than the naked eye and the variations that are available in them can be mind boggling, for the novice to understand. Some general guidelines maybe helpful in choosing the best device suited for your requirements.

* Check for the magnification power. It is presumed that higher the magnification, the better. This may be true, but it should also be noted that a higher magnification narrows down the field of view, which may make it difficult for a beginner to track his path among the clusters of stars. This said, higher magnification penetrates light pollution more efficiently and helps to trace double stars and other stellar objects like moons belonging to other planets.

* Aperture or the diameter of the objective lens is important. Going in for bigger apertures, makes the space objects look brighter and clearer and offers the best night vision.

* For astronomy viewing it is better to look for night vision that have individual focussing, where you can adjust the focus on each eyepiece separately.

* Quality of the night scope is very important if it is to be used for astronomy and night viewing. There are models available in different price ranges. It is best to choose a standard product from a company that specialises in astronomy and can provide good customer support to alleviate your doubts and show you the initial nuances of operation.


When you as a beginner wish to explore the night sky, a good pair of night binoculars may work wonderfully well. Don’t be bewildered by the array of different products and their specifications. Look for key features like magnification, aperture, focus and light gathering ability and arrive at a suitable choice.